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Women's 'Words of Wisdom' Oversized T-Shirt

Women's 'Words of Wisdom' Oversized T-Shirt

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Made from breathable cotton, the Ladies Whisper Words of Wisdom Oversized T Shirt Top exudes comfort and style. Thanks to its high-quality, soft material, this top will make you feel comfortable throughout the day. Be it a casual day of home chores, groceries or hanging out with friends, this top is the perfect   fit. 

The oversized fit of this shirt augments the outfit’s relaxed, laid-back style. The classic colours make it charming and easy to pair it with any outfit. It has ‘Whisper Words of Wisdom’ etched across, which makes it a casual yet chic outfit.

It is perfect for women who want their outfit to be simple and elegant. Add it to your wardrobe today and let it become a must-have in your casual and chic outfits!

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